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Soul Survivor 2018

BCLC Youth had an awesome time at Soul Survivor 2018. We went joined with a youth groups at Trinity Baptist, Belvedere Baptist, and 3Dub (with youth from St John's Welling, St Peter's Bexleyheath and Bishop Ridley Church) ... all together there was 64 young people and leaders. It was a busy and fun time! We enjoyed excellent worship and challenging and engaging teaching. Our three take-aways:

  • Share the marshmallows: God has poured blessings into our lives - wholeness, healing, forgiveness, love - but these blessings are not to be kept to ourselves but shared among our friends and family. Share the marshmallows
  • Be like Daniel: Daniel was exciled in Babylon, a young man living in a foreign culture. But instead of being influenced by the culture he lived in, he was an influencer. Instead of being changed by the world, he changed it. We want to be like Daniel and influence our culture.
  • Don't open the fridge: For more details, ask a BCLC young person, or try to Soul Survivor youtube channel.... 

Hannah also had the awesome privilege of praying for a friend, and seeing her healed. We all can't wait for next year... (except maybe Abigail)....

All the youth at Soul Survivor:

Soul highlights: 

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