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Soul Survivor 2015

In August 2015, our young people attended Soul Survivor - a Christian Camp (and we do mean camp!) just for young people at Shepton Mallet in Somerset. Despite lots of rain, lots of mud and some flooding, they had a great time and both the young people and their leaders came back blessed. Here's what the young people had to say...

"...It made Christianity... learning about it, more fun..." - Leila

“… The atmosphere was really caring … It was just a good time! Everyone was so lovely…” - Rebecca

“…. It was amazing how many people there were who were Christian… It was cool to be with people we can relate to… The sermons, you could really relate to them…” – Rachel

“…An amazing atmosphere, in the tent. When singing the songs, there was a lot of passion. It was a great learning curve… A great experience...” 

– Oliver

“…Being surrounded by so many people who clearly had the same faith as us – it was really encouraging just to have that. And to go with all the other young people from that Church as well, that was really cool…”  - Tominyi

“…I enjoyed seeing the young people not only enjoy worshipping together but growing in their faith and praying for each other – to see them develop as Christians…” – David  

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