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My arm was healed

John's story begins in January 2015. He was playing football in goal when a player took a shot. John raised his arm and punched the ball away and immediately felt a great deal of pain. The next day, as the pain had not lessened he sought medical attention but was assured it was not fractured, and was advised to use the wrist to help with the healing process. Two weeks later, he was still in pain and so another x-ray was taken - this diagnosed a trans-cervical fracture of the scaphoid bone and a plaster cast was put on.

'...the fracture had worsened, and John... would have to have surgery'

In February, John had a follow up appointment and unfortunately the fracture had worsened, and John was advised that he would have to have surgery. The cast was removed and an pre-op appointment was made for 19th August 2015. Between February and August, there were many trips back and forth to the hospital.

During this time, John was unable to work and feeling very frustrated. He came along to many church events and received prayer from Pastor Del and other church members. On July 19th, John's wife Nichola was baptised in water, and John decided that he too would be baptised - this was a real turning point in his life, first spiritually... But also, as the weeks went on John began to notice that his wrist was no longer painful, and he was regaining movement in it. John began to feel that his wrist had been healed.

'... the fracture was now completely healed!... "I have never seen anything like it!"'

On August 19th, John had a CT scan of his wrist for the pre-op appointment. On August 25th, he met with his consultant to discuss the results of this scan. He felt very nervous as he sat down in the room - but what the consultant told him was unbelievable - despite feeling he was healed, he was in shock! The CT scan showed that the fracture which had been worsening was now completely healed! The consultant, who was one of the top hand surgeons in the country, said "I have never seen anything like it!" 

The photo at the top right shows the CT Scan of John's healing wrist, and on the left you can see the previous CT Scan, visible is the broken and dying bone.


Nicola and John's Baptism:

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