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Kerry's Story

Tell us something about the kind of person you are today?

Good Points: Bubbly, confident person 

Interests: Socialising, Reading, Shopping

Passions: I love children - working with them and playing with them

When and where did you become a Christian?

I became a Christian at a Billy Graham crusade when I was a teenager.

Was it a thunder and lightning moment or was it a more gradual experience?

It was a more gradual experience. I had been going to my friend's Church for a while and then went to the Billy Graham crusade.

Now tell us about what led to your decision to become a Christian?

My home life was terrible so sometimes I would go to my friend's house. Her dad was a pastor. She went to Church so I started going with them just to get away from home really, but the more I went and saw that Christians were normal and made mistakes and stuff, and the more I listened to the sermons the more I thought about Jesus. When I went back to what I thought was hell (home) I had a peace and it felt like things were happening around me and I was being affected. I knew that it was God and I wanted more and I wanted it in my family too.

Was it as scary as you thought it would be? What were the pressures or difficulties that you experienced?

I was very scared at first because I was sitting in a massive crowd at Crystal Palace with my brother and two sisters and the friend that took us all. When I stood up to ask Jesus into my heart my sisters pushed me back down and said "No! No! Don't! Dad will kill you!" and they were crying. I was crying. My friend said "Don't worry. It will be all right." So I went forward and gave my life to Jesus and it was the best thing I have ever done. My sisters didn't speak to me for ages though.

Has it really made any difference to you and if so how?

It has made a big difference to me. Knowing Jesus as my personal saviour I know that whatever I go through in life He is always there, like when my dad died of cancer five years ago - I know that without Him I would have fallen apart. I was able and am still able to cope though. I was even able to lead my dad to the Lord before he died. He (my dad) said that he had seen the difference in me; I was calm, loving, patient and he wanted it. So that was amazing for me and a real privilege too.

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