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Journey into Christmas

What a fantastic event!

The evening was a coming together of talents from across the church. We began with singing - some familar carols but also some contempary worship songs.

The centrepiece of the evening was an act of corporate worship where we all decorated a jewel for the crown of King Jesus, and we came together to place them on the crown. A powerful reminder that at Christmas we don't only celebrate a baby in a manager, but a coming King, and a saviour. 

We all enjoyed a drama sketch, based around the star wars story - an amusing and thoughful presentation. Will you follow "the force" or "the king"?

The YBICs group produced a video based around the question "Where will your journey take you this Christmas?" - Contrasting the journeys may of us take at Christmas, to see friends and family with the journeys of the Kings, the Shepherds and Mary - a journey to meet with Jesus.

Other members of the Church shared with us poems and their musical talents. Added to this, there was mince pies, stolen, sweets, snacks tea, coffee and mulled wine to enjoy! Our lovely pastor Del even gilttered his beard in the spirit of celebration, and to raise money for AIM

We can't wait for next year!

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