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God is faithful to our family

When Daniel was diagnosed with a heart condition while still in the womb his parents, Micheal and Josie, had to put all their trust in God and believe that he would bring them through. Michael says:

"Daniel was born with DiGeorge syndrome. The symptoms vary from person to person, and can include heart conditions, feeding and speech problems, learning difficulties, eye and ear problems, cleft lip and palate.

In Daniel’s case it was picked up during pregnancy in scans around 20 weeks. The scans showed several problems with the heart, one meaning that surgery may be required a few days after birth, as well as both cleft lip and palate. This was very upsetting, even though we had expected a higher chance of there being some heart problems as Josie has a complex heart condition.

"The results of the cleft surgery were amazing and an answer to prayer that God would guide the surgeons’ hands." 

Between these scans and birth we had several times of prayer in home group, and there was a small group of Christians at my work whom I prayed with. The birth itself did have some complications, with Josie needing to go into theatre and intensive care afterwards, however Daniel was well and did not need immediate heart surgery, and Josie made a full recovery.

The last few years have been difficult at times with Daniel fed milk via a feeding tube through his nose to his stomach, which came out on numerous occasions needing to be put back in. We had many visits to hospital in London for his cleft lip, palate and minor heart surgery.  

The results of the cleft surgery were amazing and an answer to prayer that God would guide the surgeons’ hands. At three years old, there is still some way to go but he is eating more food orally so that the amount of milk being fed via a tube now directly to his stomach can gradually be reduced.  We are trusting in God this will continue and also thankful that Daniel is very active showing little difficulty from a heart perspective."

Update - Feburary 2016

Daniel had his yearly heart check and - Praise God! - no hole the heart was detected. His heart is functioning entirely normally, and the doctors are happy to not see him four years.

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