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God found us a new home

In 2010, there were four of us - myself, my husband and my two young sons (then aged 3 and 1) living in a two bedroom upstairs maisonette. It had been a challenge - getting the boys and all their stuff upstairs safely, finding storage space for all the things that come along with a baby, keeping my elder one entertained in limited space.

We weren't really looking to move, but we were looking for a school for my elder child and had found one we liked - though it was in a different area. Then our landlords told us they were considering selling the property and the decision was made for us. 

We had a tight budget with little room for manoureve. But we also had a list of things that we knew we would love in a house - we wanted a garden for the boys to play in, we wanted three bedrooms, we wanted off-street parking (having fallen foul of Bexley's parking policy a few times!) and we wanted a utility space to put our washing machine and freezer. I looked on the internet and told my husband "I think we're going to have to compromise, because I can't see getting all we want for the price we can afford"...

"God isn't our back-up plan, He's our first port of call"

The very first house we went to see had a garden, three bedrooms, off-street parking and utility space in the garage! And best of all it was such a reasonable rent it was within our budget! I was amazed - it was just as if God had heard our requests before we'd even asked, and provided us this wonderful place to live.

We're still living in the same house, and we've had a daughter to add to our two sons. Our older two are very happy at the local school, and our daughter will start there in September 2016.

We read many times in the bible that God loves us, and he will provide for us everything we need - but sometimes we forget that He actually means it! And His provision is so generous! God isn't our back-up plan when things go wrong, he's our first port of call. Every time I wake up in my house, which was His gift to us, I remember this!

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