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BCLC Church Building Development Programme

BCLC is expanding! Which is great news. It also means that we need to find a new building with more space for the work of God. Our vision is to have a premises which can really benefit our community and provide more space and quality facilities which can be used for God’s glory.

The good news is that over the years, as a result of the highest standards of financial stewardship, we have a strong financial foundation for launching the Church building development programme.

The programme is being led by Bola Ojo and Matthew McCann with help from our team of in-house and external specialists is investigating our options – whether that be to re-develop on our current site or to rent or buy another property.

The first phase of the programme will run until early February and will focus on the feasibility of the programme with its options and high level costs. The second phase of the programme will begin in Mid-February and will focus on planning the work to be done.

We will provide updates on the programme as the project progresses. It is important to us to have your input. In the meantime there are things you can do to work with us:

  • Pray. We need to find a building and buildings in Bexley are hard to come by. Pray that God will provide and grant us favour with the council and other parties.
  • Continue to give generously. BCLC has phenomenally generous members and we are trying to set aside as much ‘spare’ money as possible to move to a different building so you’re continued financial support is greatly appreciated.
  • Lend us your expertise. Delivering the church building programme will require all of the expertise we can garner. If you have practical skills that can help, let us know.

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