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Without prayer nothing happens! God has called us all to spend time with Him in prayer. That personal time between us and God is the most important time in our lives. It is in that time that we grow and learn, and ask and receive.

Praying alone however is only the start! In the Bible the early Christians prayed together regularly and because of this grew into a spiritual community with Christ at the centre. Miracles also occured and many people became Christians. 

As a community of Christians we at BCLC believe in praying together, and there are a number of prayer meetings that happen at 17 Upland Road

  • Before the Sunday Service, you are welcome to join the ministry and worship teams for prayer for the service. We meet in the prayer room at 9.45am. 
  • Join us Monday at 10am for "BIG" - Bexley Intercessory prayer Group, a cross demoninational group that meets weekly to pray to see God move and things change in the borough of Bexley.
  • Join us Tuesday at 7.30pm for "Watch and Pray" - our weekly prayer and teaching meeting. Teaching is recorded at these meetings, so you don't have to miss out if you can't make it!
  • Join us once a month on Friday, for our day of Prayer and Fasting and then at 7.30pm to pray and worship together - we believe God calls us to pray and fast (which may be giving up food, or may be giving up something else - from coffee to facebook!) and we practice this as a Church once a month. This usually occurs on the 1st Friday of the month. You can check the events page for details of our next Prayer and Fasting day. 

Please check the Monthly Bulletin (PDF) to confirm the meeting time and location. 

In addition to these meetings, we believe that all the ministries in the Church should be "covered" by prayer - the bible tells us that there is a battle in the heavenlies and the only way we will win it is through prayer. If you can commit to praying for one or more of the ministries that takes place in the Church, please do contact us or speak to one of the pastoral team.

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