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Mission to the world

As a Church, we believe that God is at work throughout the world, working through Christians to enact change and bring the gospel to people. We support a number of missions, both finacially and through prayer. If you would like to visit the website of any of these missions, click on the name of the mission to open the website in a new window. Some missions do not currently have a website.  


Agape International Missions works in Cambodia. It takes a holistic approach to fighting trafficking, restoring victims and transforming communities, in order to defeat trafficking. Our projects prevent, rescue, restore and reintegrate. AIM is guided by a distinct philosophy that God anointed the Church through the power of Jesus to overcome evil.

Two members of our church, Brandon and Natasha, work with AIM in Cambodia. You can read more about their experiences here.

AOG World Missions

AOG World Missions exists to preach the gospel throughout the world, plant Churches, train leaders and to serve and help the poor and the suffering. As an AOG Church, we support AOG World Missions financially.

Brother Ashot

Ashot Stepanian has lead a Church in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia since the early 90s. The Church was able to help with humanitarian aid during the war and blockade in 1994.In recent years Ashot has had a fruitful teaching ministry, not only in his local area but further afield, in surrounding countries and even Moscow.  BCLC has been associated with Ashot and his ministry since 1989, when Alan visited Armenia on an AoG sponsored relief programme after the massive earthquake in that country. Ashot trained for ministry at IBTI (International Bible Training Institute), and during this time strengthened his relationship with the Church. BCLC has been able to support Ashot finanically and in prayer. Ashot visits us occaisionally to share about his work and bring teaching - visits we greatly value. 

Christian Aid

Christian Aid is an international development charity. They work with people, of all faiths and none, in around 50 countries, to eradicate poverty. BCLC supports Christian Aid during Christian Aid week and also during times of crisis around the globe. 

CAM International

Central African Missions was found in 1915. It exists today to strengthen and build up the Churches in the central African region by offering teaching, prayer, evangelism and also practical support - food and health services. BCLC has long supported CAM and enjoys a close connection with them. 

Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East

FRRME is a small UK-based charity achieving big changes. We work in some of the world’s most dangerous countries and facilitate the unique and important work of Canon Andrew White in Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Palestine – convinced that God has not forgotten their people. Canon Andrew White found faith at BCLC, many years ago and because of this connection, BCLC actively supports his ministry. 

Gideons International

Gideons work around the world with a simple, but brilliant mission - to ensure every person has access to a bible of their own, in a language they can understand. Alan, an elder here at BCLC, works with the Gideons in Bexley, taking bibles into schools. We support the Gideons at a Church. 


Mission Aviation Fellowship are a Christian group who fly medical, relief and life-transforming help to vulnerable people in hard-to-reach places. 

New India Church of God

New India Church of God is a fellowship of the independent, indigenous New Testament Churches. Their main focus is church planting, evangelism and bible training. Apart from these, they also have social justice projects in different states of India, though the primary focus is sharing God’s love through all these projects. BCLC has a personal connection with NICOG as our Pastor Del has a close friendship with Pastor Abraham of NICOG. 

Release International

Release International serves the persecuted church around the world. It provides practically for the needs of persecuted families, provides teaching and encouragment to persecuted churches, helps churches to spread the good news, provides bibles and literature and advocates for the persecuted church around the world. BCLC stands with the persecuted Church and supports Release both financially and in prayer. 

Revelation TV

Revelation TV is a multi-award winning Christian television channel which broadcasts to the UK, Europe and Worldwide. The channel was started by Howard and Lesley Conder in 2003 and has grown tremendously since then. It exists to spread the gospel and equip the church. Our pastor, Del Bearfoot, is presenter on Revelation TV.

Testimony Faith Homes

Testimony Faith Homes was founded in 1964 by John Green. It runs a number of homes for orphaned street children in Kenya. These homes run, not as orphanages, but as foster homes with a foster mother and father. All the children in the care receive education, healthcare and an opportunity to hear the gospel. One of our elders, Alan, is a trustee for TFH.


As a leading Christian media ministry, United Christian Broadcasting's mission is to offer every person, every place, every moment of the day the opportunity to hear, watch or read the Word of God in a relevant and engaging way. 


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