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Growing in God

Every Christian, the moment we begin to follow Jesus, embarks on an epic journey which will grow us in ways we never thought possible. The life of study, meditation, sharing, worship and ministry that we are all called to live needs to be supported by good teaching, real fellowship and prayer. The Bible uses the word discipleship to describe the process of growing in God with help from others and we can all be both discipled and discple others. At BCLC we believe in helping each to grow in God. There are a few practical ways we try to support one another.


Its really important that as Christians we all know the Bible for ourselves so that we can

  • Grow spiritually in the knowledge of God. 
  • Identify when something is not supported by the Bible and may be an error or even a deception.

On a Tuesday evening our Watch & Pray meeting is held at the Church and a Bible study is shared. These studies are intended to encourage and challenge us. They are Bible based, Spirit led and usually delivered by one of the Church leaders. Past Bible studies are also available online under the resources section of our web site and these cover a range of helpful subjects such as the growing spiritually, the end times (what the bible says about the end of this world), recognising cults and much more. We encourage you to come out on a Tuesday evening and take part. We also hope to have some additional teaching resources available under our resources section very soon.


If the Bible is water for our souls, prayer is air. We can do nothing without prayer and growing as Christians relies on us setting aside time to pray and hear from God. We pray for ourselves, our families, our community and our world. We pray the will of God be done as it is in heaven. We ask God to intervene in His power and love, to change us, to reveal Himself and to save souls from hell.

We believe that prayer is powerful because God is faithful. At BCLC we meet each Tuesday for our Watch & Pray meeting. We also meet together once a month to pray and fast for our community and further afield. For those who can make it, the Bexley Intercessors Group meets to pray on a Monday morning. Prayer both personal and corporate is so important. Every moment spent in prayer is worth many more spent doing other things. If we want to grow we need to pray.

Life Groups

Spending time in small groups offers a great opportunity to discuss the Bible and grow together. Our Life Groups are hosted at various homes and offer a relaxed environment to get to know other Christians and benefit from one another's experience, knowledge and encouragement. Usually Life Groups will follow a series of Bible studies sometimes with accompanying DVDs which can form the basis of discussion and prayer. They are also very sociable with tea and biscuits and the ocassional cake. You are warmly invited to join a life group. Life Groups are advertised on Sundays.

Get involved

Growing in God involves sowing with God. Getting out there, rolling up our sleves and investing our energy, time and resources into things that are important to Him. Caring for others, sharing the Christian message, supporting the work of the Church in practical ways. We don't do this because we are coerced or frightened into doing it but because we find in our hearts a genuine desire to do it. The Bible often speaks of the person who sows reaping a harvest. As we serve God we can expect to experience God more powerfully and see Him impact our community and world.

He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. 

Luke 10:17

We encourage you to get involved in the ministry of BCLC. Nothing will encourage you as much as when you step out and go for it!

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