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Hello! We're delighted that you are interested in our Church. Maybe you're new to Bexley and looking for a Church, maybe you've visited already and are looking to get more involved, or maybe you are looking for more information about Jesus and Christianity. Whatever has brought you here today, we hope we're helpful, informative and a blessing to you. 

Have a look around the various pages and if you need any help or have any questions, feel free to contact us.  We also have a facebook page and twitter profile on which you can find our latest events and news.

We invite everyone who visits our Church to a welcome lunch. Send us a message to find out about the next one. 


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Sunday Morning Celebration, 10.30am

Upland Primary School

Join us as we come together to worship. Children's groups for ages 2-18.



Men's Bowling / 21.10.17

Like to hang out with a great bunch of guys and throw heavy balls at stuff? Then join us!

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Breaking Free From Secret Addictions - Del Bearfoot / 8.10.17

Too many people experience shame over secret addictions. What causes people to have addictive personalities? What are the underlying causes and how can they break free? There are answers and if this is you there is hope! In this message you can learn some principles that can break your chains! This is a recording from 2013 because there was a problem with the recording of week's message.

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